Smells Like Steve Bannon

I can’t believe one of the biggest science experiments in the world, in a city I’ve been visiting for the past 11 years… may have been ruined by Steve Bannon?!

Okay, okay.  I don’t know enough to point fingers.  And he can’t be the only one with blood on his hands.  But my jaw literally dropped when the podcast I was listening to mentioned his name for the first time.  And that’s saying something, because I was laying on the floor on a foam roller, so there really wasn’t anywhere for my jaw to go.

Pro tip: you can fix some of your awful computer/phone/driving/sitting posture with a foam roller

Who knew physical therapy could be a fantastic excuse to listen to a zillion podcasts or watch a ton of TED talks?  Maybe start with this one and find out about the implosion of the Biosphere, a la Steve Bannon & co.

Happy Discovering! ♣